How to Handle Family Complaints

Thanksgiving is almost here. We all hope this is a holiday filled with genuine warmth, where the focus is on gratitude and we feel loved and supported by our families. Sadly, I know the reality [...]

The Power of Deciding

One of the great fallacies of being a writer is the idea that you should wait for inspiration to start writing. The truth is that pretty much every published writer says the key is to write [...]

When to Compare Yourself to Someone Else

If you’ve taken a NoCo class, you’ve heard me say that comparisons are at the root of most (if not all) complaints. In fact, at its core, a complaint is a comparison between some [...]

Is that a complaint? — Your intentions will tell you.

One of the most common NoCo questions I get is, “Is that a complaint?” It can be difficult to tell sometimes. And I’ve worked with several of you who are trying to eliminate all [...]

Is that true?

When I get into my blacker moods, I spin into absolutist thinking. I start using terms like “always” and “never” about whatever situation I’m in or whoever I’m [...]

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