The Courage to Stop Complaining

The decision to stop complaining is not an easy one. It’s taking a stand against negative forms of conversation and thinking, yes, and it’s so much more than that. The decision to [...]

Why you should choose to make certain memories more vivid

For better or worse, we all have memories of the holiday season. And our expectations of what will happen and of how people will act this year can’t help but be influenced by memories of [...]

12 Simple Actions for Lasting Happiness

We’ve all heard that to improve our happiness we should do things like “cultivate gratitude,” “live your purpose,” and “be in the now.” These statements [...]

Change Your Life Outcomes by Posing for 2 Minutes a Day

You know that you can tell how someone is feeling by looking at their body language. In truth, their body language is often more accurate than what they’re saying out loud. But did you know [...]

Monday Meditation

It’s Monday. Welcome back! This is a friendly NoCo reminder not to fall into the trap of reflexively complaining about having to be back at work this Monday. If you catch yourself about to [...]

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