Is that true?

When I get into my blacker moods, I spin into absolutist thinking. I start using terms like “always” and “never” about whatever situation I’m in or whoever I’m [...]

I decided not to worry about it

This morning I took a yoga class from the amazing and insightful Kimber Simpkins. Every class she brings in a theme, some thoughts to hold in your head while you’re doing the poses. These [...]

What’s the point?

Quitting complaining is hard. When you fail at something you said you wanted to accomplish, what do you do? Do you beat yourself up over it? Does your inner critic start insulting you? Do you [...]

Complaining Erodes Productivity

Looks like the buzz about how complaining impacts productivity is getting farther into mainstream business! Check out these articles in Inc. Magazine and the Wall St. Journal to see what I [...]

Optimism & Realism

Sometimes people say “I can’t get too optimistic. I have to stay realistic.” Is it true that optimists are always unrealistic?

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