How Complaining is like Body Odor

Let’s talk about B.O. Body Odor. We’ve all encountered that person who emanates an unpleasant smell. We think they really should be bathing more or washing their clothes or changing their diet. [...]


None of us enjoys the feeling of having disappointed someone. Sometimes we face disappointment from others, and sometimes we’ve disappointed ourselves. Either way, we don’t like the feeling. [...]

The Courage to Stop Complaining

The decision to stop complaining is not an easy one. It’s taking a stand against negative forms of conversation and thinking, yes, and it’s so much more than that. The decision to [...]

How to Handle Family Complaints

Thanksgiving is almost here. We all hope this is a holiday filled with genuine warmth, where the focus is on gratitude and we feel loved and supported by our families. Sadly, I know the reality [...]