The Courage to Stop Complaining

The decision to stop complaining is not an easy one. It’s taking a stand against negative forms of conversation and thinking, yes, and it’s so much more than that. The decision to [...]

Sharing Thanks

Is there someone in your life who’s made an impact on you that you haven’t yet thanked? How about taking a moment today to express your thanks? The impact could be large or small. Is [...]

The Old Complaint

Often when someone is complaining they’re talking about how they felt some other time, not now. They are describing a past event that made them feel frustrated or angry or hurt. Sometimes people [...]

The Vague Complaint

  The vague complaint is either about something so big and complex that there’s no single or direct solution, or about something that’s simply impossible to change. We hear vague complaints [...]

Contemplating the Pet Peeve

A “pet peeve” is defined as a minor annoyance, something that irritates you but often doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. It also refers to an annoyance that occurs frequently or repeatedly. For [...]