Why the Best Ideas Happen in the Shower

We get the best ideas in the shower. We all know this – but have you ever thought about why? Seems these days nearly everyone is overwhelmed. We are surrounded by constant streams of [...]

New Year’s Resolution Life Hack

If you want a hack for New Year’s, put “no complaining” on your list. Why? Because it’s difficult to avoid hearing (and saying) complaints. When a complaint appears, you [...]

High standards getting you down?

High standards are tricky. They can be great motivators or you can use them to beat up yourself and others. It all depends on whether you think of them as goals or measures. And if they’re [...]

Stressed? 10 Ways to Take a 1-minute ME Break

Before you start reading: Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Do that one more time. Now a third time, paying attention to the air that’s moving through your body. Congratulations! You [...]

A Love Letter to My Inner Critic

My Dearest Inner Critic, I really love you. I know that might not sound so healthy considering all the mean ways you talk to me, but hear me out. At first I didn’t love you. I hated you. And I [...]

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