How Did You Help Make This Happen?

Most people don’t like to hear that they had a part in creating the thing they’re complaining about but it’s true. Sometimes our contribution is that we have chosen to stay and not walk away from [...]

How Complaining is like Body Odor

Let’s talk about B.O. Body Odor. We’ve all encountered that person who emanates an unpleasant smell. We think they really should be bathing more or washing their clothes or changing their diet. [...]

Why the Best Ideas Happen in the Shower

We get the best ideas in the shower. We all know this – but have you ever thought about why? Seems these days nearly everyone is overwhelmed. We are surrounded by constant streams of [...]

New Year’s Resolution Life Hack

If you want a hack for New Year’s, put “no complaining” on your list. Why? Because it’s difficult to avoid hearing (and saying) complaints. When a complaint appears, you [...]

How to read the news without spiraling into a funk

BREAKING NEWS (NOT): It’s hard to watch the news without getting frustrated, afraid, or angry. This only gets worse once you decide to Go NoCo and you become extra-sensitive to things that [...]

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