You can’t feel good if you’re not willing to feel bad. This is among the truest and least fun things there is. See, your emotions are like a sound wave, oscillating above and below a “neutral” [...]

Dealing with Complaints Over the Holidays

A few tips on how to deal with others’ (and your own) complaints over the holidays: [originally recorded as a Facebook Live event]

The Kind of Complaint That Will Hurt You

Many personal development and leadership teachers include some variation on “stop complaining” as key to success and happiness. Recent discoveries have revealed that complaining will [...]

Your Choice Upon Arrival

Why do so many of us complain the moment we arrive somewhere? Whether it’s about the traffic or parking or weather or whatever, so often upon arrival we say hello and immediately launch into [...]

The Mood of a Resolution

Here’s a question you may not have asked yourself: While you’re deciding on a goal or making a resolution, what mood are you in? Resolutions and goals usually involve choices about [...]

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