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Change Your Life Outcomes by Posing for 2 Minutes a Day

You know that you can tell how someone is feeling by looking at their body language. In truth, their body language is often more accurate than what they’re saying out loud.

But did you know that it goes the other way, too? That your body position can affect your feelings?

Now take that one step further:
You can change how you’re feeling by changing how you’re holding your body.

Amy Cuddy is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, and she’s found that different body positions release different hormones, affecting how people perceive you – and your own perceptions of yourself.

Watch her TED talk on “power posing.” It’s quite amazing.

How does this relate to complaining? The majority of complaints are an expression of powerlessness and victimization. This research demonstrates that how you’re holding your body could be decreasing your cortisol levels, leaving you more prone to stress and making it harder to shake those feelings.

What to do: If you’re stuck in a complaint-rut, try one of Cuddy’s techniques. For example, if you find yourself complaining about work the moment you come home, take two minutes to do a power pose before you enter your door and see what happens.

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Amy Cuddy demonstrates the “Wonder Woman” power pose.

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