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How Did You Help Make This Happen?

Most people don’t like to hear that they had a part in creating the thing they’re complaining about but it’s true.

Sometimes our contribution is that we have chosen to stay and not walk away from the situation. 

Sometimes our response to a thing is what triggered the response on the other side – and our complaint is about that response.

Sometimes we are complaining that something isn’t meeting our expectations and we refuse to adjust our expectations.

Sometimes we complain about something which would take effort to change and we are unwilling to make that effort.

Sometimes we’re unhappy about what is happening and refuse to accept reality.

Sometimes our contribution is just that we are giving attention and energy to something that bothers us. We focus on it and it consumes us and so we are creating our own complaint instead of placing our focus elsewhere.

What are you complaining about? How are you contributing to that? How can you choose to change your contribution and therefore change or eliminate your complaint?

If you do this questioning as a regular practice, you’ll find that you’ll start to gain a sense of control over things which have been bothering you.

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