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I decided not to worry about it

This morning I took a yoga class from the amazing and insightful Kimber Simpkins. Every class she brings in a theme, some thoughts to hold in your head while you’re doing the poses. These are Big Thoughts, the kinds of Thoughts that work their way under your skin and stick around for a while.

This morning she was talking about the mind, particularly that way the mind has of getting hyper-critical. Kimber was focusing on the mind criticizing the self, but it’s pretty easy to extend it to our habit of criticizing others.

What’s really stuck with me throughout the day is her discussion about a common phrase:

“I decided not to worry about it.”

We’ve all heard this phrase and I’d guess most of us have said it at one point. Take a moment now and think about what it means. It points to our ability to get a little distance from the mind’s chatter, the fact that we do indeed have the ability to choose to engage or not in it.

“I decided not to worry about it.”

It’s a reminder that we can let things get to us or we can let them go.

There’s so much power in this, particularly in situations that we are not able, not willing, or not ready to change. Worrying will not change things, either, but it will greatly affect our mood, our stress level, our ability to stay present with the people near us.

During class my mind’s chatter turned to my desire to share this thought with all of you. It such a great and simple tool for you to use against complaints about unchanging situations.

“I decided not to worry about it.”

What’s extra great is that this phrase is so common, it’s clear that you don’t have to be a great yogi or meditation master or some other kind of enlightened being to be able to get enough distance on whatever is spinning around in your mind to release its grip on you. Each of us has this ability right here right now. Yes, to greater or lesser degrees at various times, but it’s there.

So today’s NoCo question: Is there a complaint or a worry about something that you can choose to let go?

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