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The NoCo Manifesto

We are here now.

We let past aggravations

stay in the past.


We are willing to lead.

We are not passively waiting

for things to change.


We are willing to listen.

We challenge the ways

we are self-centered.


We recognize our own value.

We will not allow ourselves

to be torn down,

not even by our inner critic.


We strive for true connection.

We refuse to bond at the expense

of others.


We have gratitude for what is.

We do not dwell on what isn’t.


We are willing to live in reality.

We have decided not

to live in a fantasy world

of perfection.


We are taking responsibility for our lives.

We refuse to blame others.


We are willing to have hard conversations.

We refuse to hide when we’re upset.


We choose a new way of being in the world.

We challenge the culture of negativity.


We recognize and respect the impact we have on others.

We refuse to spew negativity

at those around us.


We have decided to be agents of change in our own lives.

We are not observers

passing commentary

on the events of our lives

without taking action.


We are stepping into vulnerability and opening our hearts.

We have decided to stop hiding

how we’ve been hurt

and building walls

to protect ourselves.


Going NoCo takes courage.


Going NoCo means

we are ready to be fully alive.


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